Seblaine Corpse Bride/Groom AU: Sebastian was engaged to Lord Hunter but then he took him to the dark woods and murdered Sebastian. Blaine cant get his arranged wedding vows right for Kurt.He accidentally puts the ring on Seb’s finger and proposes. But he ends up falling in love with a Corpse Groom.

Can A Heart Still Break Once Its Stopped Beating?

This is Wrong.My dreams were taken from me,and now i’ve stolen them from someone else.I love you Blaine,but your not mine.

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Cannonballing Down Through The Sky (Gleam In Its Eye)


oneshot. Glee; Blaine Anderson, Sebastian Smythe (Blaine/Sebastian); word count: 3,518; pg-13

summary: But the thing is, something  is coming.

disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me; this is Ryan Murphy’s world I just play in it.

author’s note:

For the ever-so-lovely sophisticatedloserchick! Happy (belated) birthday, Amy! ♥ [ Apologies for not getting this done in time for what was an amazing occasion ] 

Title is snagged from the song Something’s Coming [ that I will always hear only in Darren Criss’s voice.]

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you are the sun and moon

and stars are you,

and i could never run away from you

radiohead, you



The story is always the same:

I never saw it coming.

( it happens when you least expect it , isn’t that the saying? )

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fic: A Catalogue of Intimacies (oneshot)


Seblaine, pg13, 2327 words. A summary of all the times Sebastian touched Blaine, and the ways in which Blaine touched Sebastian. 

author’s notes: inspired by this post, for my darling Yiota who’s been here for me through a lot of tough stuff : ) love you, babe!


(Stories are funny things, saturated with the assumption of a clear structure, beginning, middle, end; a first and last time, an opening that leads to an inevitable close.)

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make me choose;anonymous asked:Good!Sebastian or Bad!Sebastian

I just really love Independent Seb and how he doesn’t need a man to be happy,anyway inspired from Break Free by Ariana Grande.

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One shot: The Meaning of the Word


Title: The Meaning of the Word
Summary: Eight year old Sebastian has a very specific grasp on some of the words in the English language. 
Word Count: 2266
Author’s Note: So rumour has it that it’s sophisticatedloserchick's birthday today. So happy birthday, darling. I literally cannot imagine this fandom without you. <3
And this story might seem a little bit familiar. Sorry I’m not feeling the most creative right now. But I couldn’t let your birthday pass without some kid seblaine. 

“Coop.” Absently, Blaine tugged at the hem of his older brother’s t-shirt. They were standing outside the entrance to the mall’s movie theater, waiting for their mom to pick them up. “Coop, what does that sign say?” He pointed to the sign on the doors behind them, blue letters on a transparent background, the blocky font hard to read from the distance he was standing at.

Cooper sighed. “It says ‘No solicitation allowed on the premise,” he read disinterestedly.

Blaine tilted his head in contemplation. “But what does that mean?”

“It means don’t bother your brother with questions when he was nice enough to take time out of his Saturday to bring you and your friend to see a stupid movie.”

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More than a Trick of the Light [x]
by ttinycourageous

I’m already a fan of this author so maybe I’m biased, but this is one of the greatest gifts to seblainers. It is beautifully written and has an engaging plot that balances au elements with all the seblaine goodness we’ve come to crave.  It comes at a time when our excitement for The Flash pilot is high but our prospects for canon seblaine are low.  Anyway, I was compelled to make this.  Make sure to read the fic if you haven’t already!! (feel free to erase this if you want)

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Seblaine Divergent AU:Sebastian has been raised in Candor(The Honest) all his life until he takes the aptitude test and learns he is really a Divergent. Blaine is a true Abnegation(The Selfless) but has always idolized Dauntless( The Brave). Sebastian and Blaine reluctantly both choose Dauntless where they fall in love and Blaine helps Sebastian to not be hunted down and killed for being a Divergent.

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summary: After going through a rough breakup with Kurt, Blaine just wants to convince everyone that he’s fine. Which turns into him convincing Sebastian to be his fake boyfriend. The problem is, the longer they date, it occurs to both of them that their feelings for one another aren’t fake at all.

Part three of four. (Part one & two)

There are a lot more people who show up for this dinner than what he expected. A few other of his aunts and his cousins, a few of his grandparent’s friends and some of his father’s work friends. It’s nice to know that his grandmother has touched so many people, that they’re all willing to come celebrate her birthday with amazing food and good company. He eventually settles into his own skin, Sebastian charming everyone he meets with a matter of ease that it almost makes him jealous.

Everything is fine until his aunt Rose gets there.

They sit on opposite sides of the dinner table, so they don’t really have to speak with one another. It’s the time spent mingling between the end of dinner and dessert is when their paths cross.

“Blaine,” His aunt greets with a soft smile on her face. Her hair is piled up on her head to the point where it almost resembles a beehive. Almost. Her eyes tick back and forth to where Sebastian has followed him, hovering nearby.

“So nice to see you, it’s been a long time.” She fixes her white cardigan and straightens her back.

Blaine gives the appropriate responses back; she’s never been very good with small talk. He nearly thinks they might be out in the clear to sneak out of the conversation but he can see her thought process twist into a spiral as she looks at Sebastian. Like she’s not quite sure what to make of him.

“And who’s your friend? Are you both around the same age, you should do your cousin a favor and introduce him to her.” She grins, winking at Blaine and a breath suddenly stops short in his throat and nearly chokes him.

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They met early in their careers. It was Sebastian’s first Hollywood job, Blaine’s third. Small roles in a television show doomed to be cancelled after the first season. Brent and Mark, who had a grand total of 5 seconds screen time together, while Sebastian and Blaine spent all their time off screen with each other. 

After the show ended they kept in touch. Grabbed coffees whenever their schedules allowed. Went out together on Saturday nights, sometimes with friends and more and more frequently by themselves. Going out became staying in, generally at Sebastian’s because Blaine had four roommates. 

They got parts in other tv shows and Blaine transitioned into movies. He also flirted with Broadway, moving out to New York for months at a time while Sebastian stayed in LA filming the next season of his award-winning drama.  

They have two rules:
1) They talk every day, no exceptions. Even if it’s only for five seconds. Even if the conversation only happens through a string of voicemails. 

2) They have no say in the roles the other takes, although they always talk them over with each other. But neither of them was allowed to take a role where they get married.
"The only person we will ever say ‘I do’ to is each other," Blaine had growled against his boyfriend’s lips after an evening spent watching Sebastian and Rachel read through a script that involved them exchanging vows. "Only you," Sebastian had breathed in agreement. "Only ever you."

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