Rehearsals for Regionals were going to be the death of Blaine Anderson, he was sure of it. Four hours a night, four nights a week. It was ridiculous. It was stupid. His feet hurt. His head hurt. Muscles he didn’t know he had hurt.

He hardly had time for homework anymore, mostly passing out in bed as soon as he got home. Half his assignments got done in homeroom or at a lunch table full of New Directioners doing the same exact thing.

Which meant, of course, that there was no time at all for anything resembling a social life. Half the text messages Sebastian sent him (and there were a lot fewer of them—he must be wrapped up in rehearsals too) went ignored, as did messages from the rest of the Warblers. He hadn’t even had a conversation with Tina about anything other than choreography for a week.

So when she stomped up to him one day after class, grabbed his arm and physically dragged him out to her car, he didn’t fight her, just asked where they were going.

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just another joy division song


drabble in 2nd person; it was always a bad idea to begin with?

pairing: sebastian/blaine


blaine is not looking at you.

you make a joke, pushing for any kind of reaction; a reluctant smile, a laugh, an eye roll. but you get nothing.

blaine is not looking at you.

the reality of the situation drying your throat.

(there’s still a taste of shame pasted at the roof of your mouth.)

blaine is not looking at you.

fuck it. whatever.

and you steel yourself - you’re over him, remember?

blaine is not looking at you.

and when he does you wish he didn’t.

 you get it. you fucking get it.

finality settles inside of you.


{ the end } 

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Darren and Grant manip (I really suck a this)

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Seblaine Alphabetical Meme - C - Completely
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Seblaine Fic: Capture This (Ch 2/2)


Title: Capture This
Author: an-alternate-world
Rating: M+
Characters/Pairing: Blaine Anderson/Sebastian Smythe
Word Count: 7,185
Summary: With so few roles on offer in Hollywood, Brittany had managed to book a magazine spread for him. He’d needed some fresh photos anyway, but he hadn’t expected the photographer to be so attractive.
Warnings/Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Glee, FOX, Ryan Murphy or anything else related to the FOX universe.

Blaine wasn’t someone particularly familiar with dating. He was certainly not a first timer and neither was he a virgin, but it had been a while since he’d dated anyone. His schedule in New York had been too insane sometimes to catch his breath so dating someone had been relegated to a burden he couldn’t bear to maintain.

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Title: Batman Vs. Superman

Summary: Blaine used to hate frat parties.

Pairing: Seblaine

Rating: PG

A/N: Written for Seblaine Sunday Challenge: Disguise.

Blaine had never been one to delve into the time honored tradition of costume parties, each October. It’s his junior year of college, and up until this year, he had managed to avoid the utter chaos caused by silly college students, clad in costumes with alcohol flowing through their blood streams. This year, however, seemed to be the year to break his vow.

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sebastian and blaine as connor and oliver from how to get away with murder

(inspired by)

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How to be a Heartbreaker x

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prompt: bad boy
au Blaine stays behind at the scene of the crime to view the behind of the investigator 

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