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Seblaine Fic: Creeping On A Stranger (Ch 2/?)


Title: Creeping On A Stranger
Author: an-alternate-world
Rating: T
Word Count: 5,478
Summary: Seblaine Week 2014: Day 1 (Alternative Meeting). Sebastian has always had a habit of getting in the way and making a nuisance of himself. Since his little sister had gotten sick when he was eleven, he has spent years trying to gain back the attention of his parents.
Warnings/Spoilers: Implied violence.

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They didn’t hang out for very long after dinner, since the drive back to Westerville was so long and it looked ready to snow again. They sat at the table and talked as Cassie served dessert—sweet chocolate and raspberry petit fours that were almost too cute to eat. Soon, though, Katie was drifting off to sleep with her little face cuddled into Sebastian’s sweater. When he returned from putting her to bed (“Please remember to take out her hair clips,” Cassie called after him, “she likes to chew on them and give me a heart attack.”), he made his apologies to his older sister and told her they had to head out.

Cassie sent them off with many hugs, but not before loading Sebastian’s arms with a stack of her bakery’s distinctive blue-and-white-striped boxes. “Now, I need you to promise me these will actually make it to the people they’re intended for,” she teased him as he looked them over, searching for one that had his name on it. “This one is yours. Red velvet cookies. These are for your friends. You better not eat them.”

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These Nights Never Seem to Go to Plan (R)


THIS IS SEBLAINE (with broken-up but endgame Klaine). DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU.

Title: These Nights Never Seem to Go to Plan
Author: istytehcrawk
Rating: R
Word Count: ~700
Summary: In a slightly alternate universe, Kurt and Blaine break up for a year during Blaine’s senior year of college. This is what happens when he calls Sebastian a few weeks later.

Also available on AO3.


Note: Simply put, this is the scene that unfolds in my head every single time I hear the song "Stay with Me" by Sam Smith. Listen while you read for the full effect.


In an alternate universe, Blaine doesn’t cheat on Kurt. They make it through the year apart, but only just. It’s hard, and there are a few times when they almost call it off.

Then, Blaine’s senior year of college, they do call it off, and they stay split up for more than a year. Years later, they’ll look back and realize that the incident that was the breaking point was miniscule compared to some situations they face once they’re married, but at the time, it seems insurmountable.

Blaine ends up moving back to Ohio, into the efficiency apartment above his uncle’s garage, for that year, getting a part-time job as a subsitute music teacher just to keep his parents off his back while he figures out his next steps.

The first few weeks are a blur — not because he was so busy, but because he barely got out of bed other than to eat, teach, and shower. After about a month, though, he breaks out of the worst of the depression. He’s still heartbroken, but it no longer seems like the end of the world.

One thing still lingers, though: he misses being touched. Not even necessarily in a sexual way (though he misses that, too), but simply being held, that intimate physicality with another person. He’d always known he was a tactile person, but he didn’t really KNOW until he no longer had someone willing to provide that nourishment.

When he finds out Sebastian is in town for the weekend, he doesn’t hesitate to call him up. They’re friends, proper friends, now, and Sebastian has been almost surprisingly supportive throughout the whole ordeal, despite not really being able to do much other than lend an ear due to living in Chicago.

He doesn’t even have to say anything when Sebastian knocks on the door. Sebastian just wraps him up in a long, tight hug before handing him a beer he must have picked up on his way over.

They get comfortable on Blaine’s bed, watching some over-the-top superhero movie because Sebastian knows without asking that Blaine is not in the mood for a romcom. Sebastian’s legs are stretched out in front of him, and Blaine is curled on his side, watching the movie with his head on Sebastian’s thigh while Sebastian absentmindedly plays with his hair.

Neither one of them is quite sure how it happens, but soon they’re kissing, and kissing leads to grinding and grinding leads to Sebastian stripping Blaine out of his clothes and mapping the entire length of his body with that skilled mouth of his. Blaine can’t stop himself from practically begging Sebastian to fuck him, and Sebastian agrees, reading enough between the lines to figure out it’s not just a meaningless fuck that Blaine wants.

He works Blaine open slowly, then sits cross-legged and pulls Blaine into his lap, face to face, and encourages him to drape his arms over Sebastian’s shoulders. Sebastian holds him tightly, wrapping his arms around Blaine’s chest to pull him chest to chest, and moves languorously.

They don’t talk much at all, other than about 15 minutes in, when Sebastian feels tears dripping onto his shoulder and asks Blaine if he wants to stop. (He doesn’t. The tears don’t last long.)

They lose track of time,. Blaine eventually asks Sebastian to speed up because he’s getting close, so Sebastian lays him out on his back before pressing back in and fucking him quickly until Blaine comes. He pulls out, yanks off the condom, and jacks off a few times before coming on Blaine’s stomach.

After cleaning them both up with a washrag, Sebastian starts to get dressed and tosses Blaine his clothes, figuring Blaine got what he needed and would be leaving, but Blaine surprises him by asking him to stay the night.

It happens four more times before Blaine and Kurt get back together and Blaine moves back to New York. They never plan it. It just happens, and then they don’t speak of it. They’re fond of each other, and the encounters are intimate and emotional, but neither of them are under the delusion that they’re anything other than friends. It’s not love, but, as placeholders go, it’s a pretty good one.

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Seblaine Week 2014 - Fic: Party All The TIme (Ch 2/2)


Title: Party All The Time
Rating: M+/NC-17
Word Count: 5,206
Summary: Seblaine Week 2014: Day 4 (Free Day). They’ve just won Sectionals over the reigning Nationals champions, so he should be celebrating with his teammates. It’s hard to celebrate though when the object of your year-long infatuation shows up, apparently determined to get drunk off his perfectly perky ass.
Warnings/Spoilers: Probably some ooc-ness given Blaine’s actions. Sexual shenanigans.

FF.net || AO3

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Small-town boy Blaine Anderson grew up with romantic ideals propagated by popular movies. When he wakes up the morning of his eighteenth birthday with Hollywood heartthrob Sebastian Smythe’s name on his wrist, his comfortable life gets turned upside down. 


part one

» part two

part three

Sebastian Smythe.

This can’t be happening.

He pinches his thigh again until it bruises but he fails to snap out of his stupor. Somehow his dream sank its claws so deep into him conventional methods for waking up weren’t working – he stumbles out of bed as quietly as he can, hoping that proper head-to-toe blood flow might help get his head in check, but the name on his wrist doesn’t change, doesn’t fade, doesn’t disappear.

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I so badly wish that Sebastian was the guy that Blaine cheated on Kurt with, instead of random lighthouse guy. That would have been so much more interesting.

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summary: After going through a rough breakup with Kurt, Blaine just wants to convince everyone that he’s fine. Which turns into him convincing Sebastian to be his fake boyfriend. The problem is, the longer they date, it occurs to both of them that their feelings for one another aren’t fake at all.

Part two of four. (Part one)

They go on three awkward dates that, in the end, don’t turn out to be awkward at all.

The first time is thanks to his mother, who won’t leave Sebastian alone the minute he shows up to the house. He isn’t sure whether it’s because she’s actually suspicious about something or because she wants to give him an award for getting her son out of bed.

Whatever the reason, Sebastian is a complete gentleman the entire time. He reaches out and holds Blaine’s hand as she asks him questions about where they’re going and how late they’ll be back.

He tries to be patient with each question because he knows; deep down, this is just something his mom does. He appreciates the sentiment, appreciates her. And ironically before he can open his mouth to tell her a few times that they’ve got to get going or they’ll miss the movie, he’s distracted by Sebastian’s thumb running back and forth across the outside of his hand.

Something he doesn’t need to do, it’s not like his mom can see the small, thoughtful gesture. But he does it anyways and it’s alarmingly calming in a way it probably shouldn’t be.

(Read the rest on AO3 or FF.net)

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