I Had Known How (To Save A Life)


Summary: “As he stared into those blue-green eyes with his hands gripping slightly at Sebastian’s shoulders, everything finally made sense. He had made the wrong choice.”
A/N: A couple of people wanted me to continue last last week’s reaction fic to 5x14, and  had prompted: “After 5x14 Blaine realises that Kurt can’t make room for him in the house and subsequently in his life. He made a mistake. He chose the wrong person.” Plus I still wanted to do a reaction fic to 5x15. So I tried to kill three birds with one stone by putting it all together into this one reaction-ish fic to Bash. Though, it doesn’t follow the ending of the episode, replaced instead with a slight twist. The assault still happened (only a slight mention) along with Blaine’s move with Sam into Mercedes’s apartment and it follows the ending of Lost the Battle, Win the War (or Blaine and Kurt’s make-up sex from New New York). Hope this all makes sense and sorry it took me so long! Title is a word play on The Fray’s song, How To Save A Life (which you’ll know why later).

It left Blaine awake into the wee hours of the morning. He just couldn’t shake the feeling of worry and guilt. He can’t get it out of his head, the thought of Sebastian somewhere alone. By himself. What if he went back to the bridge? What if

The metallic ringing from Kurt’s small, vintage, analogue clock disturbs his thoughts, and he allows himself to be distracted and busied for the day as he gets ready to move in with Sam and Mercedes.

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Fic: Escape (6/?)


Summary: Nephilim are considered an abomination — a product of the union between a human and an angel, which makes Dean Winchester and the fallen angel Castiel marked men for a decision they made sixteen years ago. Their son Blaine is next on the hit list — and not just because of his parents. He’s just found out he’s pregnant. How will Team Free Will find a way out of this? Can they?
Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance
Pairing: Destiel, Seblaine
Rating: PG-13

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


Part 6:

"Well this complicates things."

"What’s complicated about it? Another vampire has him. It’s —"

" — not a problem?" Bartholomew eyed Naomi shrewdly. " You seem to forget the importance of Benny being the one to destroy Blaine."

Naomi stared back at him irritated as she leaned back in her chair. “Then explain it.”

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Sebastian slipped out the front door around 8:30 and was halfway down the street when the Anderson’s car passed his. He allowed himself a slow release of breath as their headlights washed over him.

The night was icy and brittle with snow waiting to fall, and his breath still hung in the air in front of him as the heater cranked to life.  He was grateful for the cold, though, because the frozen roads gave him an excuse to drive slowly.

He didn’t know what to think about, at first, so for two blocks he tried flipping radio stations to drown out his racing thoughts. Still, one word kept trying to emerge through the music.

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Fanfic - How Will I Know - 1/1


Title: How Will I Know?

Summary: Kids Seblaine!AU. Sebastian isn’t quite sure if he’s in love with his best friend or not. So he uses one of his Mother’s self help books to find out.

Pairing: Seblaine

Rating: PG

Word Count:

A/N: Written for seblaine sunday challenge: falling in love montage.

Sebastian found the book that would change his life on top of the coffee table in the living room.

It was a boring Sunday afternoon, Sebastian was home alone while his mother went to jazz-yoga-fusion. Sebastian had been planning to watch television when the book caught his eye. The front cover was marred with red wine stains, and the edges around the pages were folded and creased from constantly being flipped through but it was the title that drew Sebastian in. Written in bright pink cursive it said ‘The Journey of Knowing You’re in Love.’

Sebastian had seen books like this through out the house in the past year his parents got divorced, but usually the titles were ‘Blame Game: Who Ended Your Marriage?’ or ‘Single Moms: Raising Your Children Without a Father.’ This was the first book Sebastian had seen about love.

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want the friction (pt.3)


for seblaine sunday prompt #22: age difference // Blaine is a thirty-six year old Broadway producer; Sebastian is the seventeen year old who helps him feel again. // NC-17 (overall, but this part is PG-13) // {also on} AO3 - ff.net

part one ~ part two

The daylight was searing the backs of Blaine’s eyelids, a groan tumbling from his lips as he made to bury his face into the pillow, to block out the persistent light. But it was hardly going to be enough to allow him to go back to sleep; that luxury had been absent for the majority of the night.

And in the brief moments he had managed to sleep, it had been fitful, at best. Waking up with his legs twisted in the blankets, his body aching for a touch that he shouldn’t even be dwelling on, let alone wanting. 

The kiss - the touch of lips that was seared into his memory - had been a mistake. Maybe even a bigger mistake than their night together, for he could no longer claim to be oblivious, to be innocent in his wrongdoing. He had let his son’s friend, a minor, a schoolboy, kiss him. And he had kissed him back.

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It’s time again for another round of follower appreciation drabbles!
So leave me a one word prompt and I will produce a little 250 word drabble for you. 
Prompts will be accepted for at least the next week. Thank you all for being such precious angels. <3


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Purple Is Definitely Your Color



Here’s another prompt for you. This is a super cute idea. I kind of got caught up on cute Uncle Sebby more than the Seblaine of it all though. Yes, I named Sebastian’s sister after me  I hope you enjoy!!

“Hold still, Uncle Sebby!”

“Ugh. Abbie, my hand is cramping. How long do I have to hold my hand like this?” Sebastian groaned at his niece.

“Until I am done!” the six-year-old said.

She tucked her long dark red locks behind her tiny ears as she stared intently at Sebastian’s nails. The bright purple paint was not just on Sebastian’s nails, but sliding down the sides of his fingers as well. He had to move his hand very slowly to hover over the paper towel so Abbie wouldn’t notice him disobeying her command. Again.

“I got three more fingers to do. Then you can move,” Abbie declared.

“Hurry, your mom is going to be here soon to get you,” Sebastian said, not sure why he was rushing her to finish painting his nails anyway. He just really wanted to get out of the tiny chair he was in.

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Out With The Old, In With The New


Summary: Blaine Warbler is back.
A/N: Since we got this picture (SPOILERS), I wrote something in excitement over the return of Blaine Warbler. And what’s a Dalton blazer wearing Blaine Anderson without having Sebastian there?
Spoilers regarding some of the plots in 5x17 (“Opening Night” for Rachel’s Funny Girl).

Something happened. One moment he was listening attentively to whatever Rachel was saying inside their loft, and the next he was in the auditorium all the way back in Mckinley.

Was this a dream? It sure seemed like it. But he feels real; too real. And also a little warm. And boxy. But also safe. And familiar. And…?

He glanced down and saw that he was in his Dalton blazer once again.

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Once A Warbler, Always A Warbler. (Seblaine.)


Summary:  After graduation, Blaine meets up with an old friend who has a gift for him, a gift that makes him doubt his choices. (Warning: Seblangst out the eARS)

Words: 1,968

Rating: G

Links: laters gators

Note: Blaine Warbler photos happened so this happened. 

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summary: Ever since he was little, Blaine’s heard the story about your soulmate’s name being written on your wrist. At sixteen, Kurt Hummel appears on his skin, and yet he can’t seem to shake the attraction and connection he has to one Sebastian Smythe.
notes: Thanks to sophisticatedloserchick who gave me a soulmate quote that inspired parts in this chapter and really helped me think about the difference between what a soulmate can be and what they sometimes simply are.

Part two of three. (Part one is here)

Kurt avoids him for weeks, leaving them in this limbo that makes him feel sort of helpless, regardless of what his wrist says. It’s probably a good thing they’re on winter break, Blaine doesn’t have to worry about running into him in the halls or trying to come up with a schedule where one of them is in the dorm room while the other is not, avoiding eye contact during Warblers practice…but the problem is that they don’t try and resolve anything before heading back to school.

And Blaine thought they would have at least talked to one another before then.

But there’s nothing. They head back to school in even worse shape. The red string between them feels frayed, chopped up, tied back together in places where they’ve snapped apart from one another. The string will never be pristine again, it’ll never feel or be like it was.

A coffee is set down in front of him and he looks up to see Sebastian, a breath of fresh air into his lungs as his eyes travel over his long and lanky form. His blazer isn’t buttoned at his waist, it hangs loosely on his shoulders as he sits across from him and Blaine can catch hints of his skin and strong, expensive cologne that settles into his stomach like a punch to his gut.

“You look awful and for as many compliments as I like to give you,” Sebastian shakes his head. “That’s saying something. What’s wrong?”

(you can read more on AO3 or FF.net)

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