a while ago I’ve made another seblaine disney!AU. I know that I won’t make it better anytime soon, so here we go, I’ve made Sebasian’s hair red, everything else just doesn’t matter. 

Blaine looks weird but meh… he’s in the bubble you know

and don’t underestimate the importance of “body language" ha!  (c)

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hey neighbor ; seblaine


andercriss prompted: blaine moves in next door and sebastian (his neighbor) helps him move in and while carrying one of blaine’s boxes he drops it accidentally and out spills a pile of sex toys and i wanna see how blaine reacts all red and embarrassed
notes: just to be clear, while kurt and blaine may have dated blaine has never met sebastian before prior to this
words: 3,185

Blaine has always wanted to live in Boston. He used to have grandparents who had a small house on the North End, just big enough for his tiny grandmother and grandfather who had a large selection of pattered bowties. He used to visit in the summer, before his grandma got sick—she’d take him along the Boston Harbor to watch seagulls (and sometimes feed them) or get him a pastry as big as his arm at Mike’s Pastry shop. He’d used to wander in Quincy Square with his grandpa, when the day was waning into night and the air smelled like rain.

Every summer, like clockwork, he’d let the city even more into his heart.

Bean town, Fenway Park, a Dunkin Doughnuts on nearly every corner that carried his favorite hazelnut coffee. The skyline and the beautiful Zakim Bridge, the steel cables reminding him of the chords of a guitar, strumming gently while being plucked, ricocheting against the tubes of his heart.

He breathes this city. He knew from a very small age that he had wanted to live here.

And he’s finally getting the chance.

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Anonymous: Can I ask a fic request for you? Since the episode 'tested' has given me sad blaine feels would you mind do a sweet/fluffy fic? Maybe one where Blaine is self conscious about his body but Sebastian reassures him? Please :3


A/N: I’m so sorry it took me so long to write a reaction fic for last week’s episode. I went through two different drafts, this being the third go at it (so thank you for the prompt and inspiration) because I just couldn’t write anything that wouldn’t sound too sad or angry the way it left me after that whole Blaine storyline. 
I tried to write fluffy but when have I ever been good with that. But don’t worry, this doesn’t have that much blangst and Sebastian’s there to wipe away all of Blaine’s insecurities <3. Follows some of the events from Tested with different twists to it. Hope this okay! 3422 words.

Blaine wakes up to a sticky note lying on top of the pillow where his boyfriend’s head should be resting, with ‘Had to leave early for a meeting. -S.’ in Sebastian’s cursive handwriting neatly scrawled on it. A pout settled on his lips.

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Rating: G/PG

Pairing: Sebastian/Blaine. 

Word Count: 290.

Summary: Sebastian tends to compare himself to his boyfriend, the difference in his self confidence versus Blaine’s ending up being a topic he ponders over more than others. Slight insecure!Sebastian.

Author’s Note: I get a lot of my inspiration for writing from songs, though I usually write short ficlets simply for myself. This is the first time I’m actually posting one of these up here, so I hope it’s good enough. I got the inspiration for this one when the song Flaws by Bastille came on my iHeartRadio. Hope you enjoy it.

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Imagine Sebastian as the best hairdresser/stylist (p.c.?) after a long tiring day on his feet. Annoyed that his last appointment is late and ready to give up and close shop when Blaine rushes in apologizing profusely, flushed, and panting. Seb’s intrigued so he lets it slide. A simple shampoo and trim turns into a sensual scalp massage with his fingers carding through Blaine’s wet curls that embarrassingly leaves B hard and wanton then they fuck in the chair. bottom!Bas just straddling Blaine. B’s a bit reckless with randoms

**oops. it escalated very quickly because I’m poor with words. my school system failed me.

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He sees Sebastian wearing the hoodie on a weekend day at the Lima Bean. He’s casual and easy and he forgets how much he likes Sebastian’s clothes.

And he knows he has to obtain it.

Firstly, it’s Dalton colours - which he can explain that to Kurt easily enough. As much as he loves dressing in bright colours at McKinley, navy and red have a special place in his heart and probably always will.

Secondly, it’s the fact that it’s a piece of Sebastian, that it once belonged to the boy, that makes him want it so desperately. It will have his scent and his touch, his warmth that Blaine has forgotten. On cold nights in New York, he can wrap himself in it and remember the heated gazes of the green-eyed, grinning Warbler.

He sneaks in to Dalton when there’s all the preparation for graduation, when Warblers are surprised to see him and others are packing up their rooms in readiness to return to homes across the country or to move into apartments near college campuses. He deliberately stops by Sebastian’s room, determined to spend some time with the boy and make amends for past mistakes, to clear the air so there are no longer any regrets.

When Sebastian steps out of the room to help Nick and Jeff with a “very important crisis” (which Blaine may or may not have engineered with several motorised bubble makers set up strategically in the senior common room), he snatches the hoodie from Sebastian’s desk chair and stuffs it in his bag. He knows it won’t smell like the boy forever, but it’s something to remember him by after Sebastian leaves the halls of Dalton and Blaine might not be able to ever see, or contact, him again.

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visual fx added by a fan (x)

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lightning in the night

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